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Are any Dominic Fike songs in Euphoria?

June 9, 2022

Dominic Fike has released his unintentionally meme-worthy ballad “Elliot’s Song,” from the Euphoria. 

The song, composed by Zendaya and the series’ composer. Labrinth was feature in the finale episode of the second season, when. Fike’s character Elliot was see brings out his electric guitar and sing to. Zendaya’s character Rue as the two reconciled. Although the song was meant to a touching moment however, it caused an uproar in the ranks of Euphoria fans on the internet, mostly because of the duration of the song and performance.

Dominic Fike Euphoria is, to his credit did take the memes in moderation and, when he announced the imminent release of an official rendition of “Elliot’s Song” on Instagram on the same day He jokingly said, “We made the song shorter.” In fact the new version runs at an extremely acceptable, but not at all interminable two and a half minutes. The version recorded in studio also includes vocals from Zendaya. “Little star/Feels like you fell right on my head,” Zendaya sings during the chorus. “Gave you away to the wind/I hope it was worth it in the end.”

“Elliot’s Song” is technically the first single from Fike’s music catalog of the year. It’s also his first single since the year 2020, when Fike released his debut album”What Could go wrong. In the meantime the singer has involve in various collaborations, including appearing in Paul McCartney’s McCartney III remix album, as well as appearing on tracks that feature Justin Bieber, Remi Wolf and Slowthai.

In the post-credits of Euphoria’s Inside Euphoria Zendaya reveal that she co-wrote the song along with Labrinth. “When I have a break, I’ll go over and hang out with Lab because he has a studio now on the lot,” Zendaya said. “He’s finding new sounds to complement every emotion we go through in the show.”

Labrinth revealed that she and. Labrinth shared that they were “sitting in each other’s spiritual energy” while they composed the track. In the meantime, Fike said Zendaya came to him with the song composed from the point of view of her character. He also added guitar.

“The cast is not just acting, they’re part of the music,” Labrinth declared. “And I think that makes it even more special.”

“Elliot’s Song” is the new song by Euphoria due to release. It is the follow-up track to last episode’s “I’m Tired,” a duet with Labrinth and Zendaya as well as Lala Del Rey’s “Watercolor Eyes,” Tove Lo’s “How Long,” and James Blake’s “(Pick Me Up) Euphoria).”

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