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Chuck Todd Meet The Press Daily’ Jumps From MSNBC to Streaming

May 19, 2022

The people who wish to “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd. Monday through Friday must do it via their broadband connections. And not their set-top box.

“Meet The Press Daily,” the daytime version of NBC News’ flagship Sunday public-affairs show, will shift into NBC News. Now starting June 6, which is the latest instance of how more concentrated the major TV news. Outlets have become on video streaming as a new generation of journalists is turning to online. News sources to get the most current news and information. Todd’s streaming show will be dubbed “Meet the Press Today.” Chris Jansing, the NBC News veteran, will be taking over the hour at 1 p.m. time slot on MSNBC.

“Chuck Todd was among the first anchors on broadcasts to realize the immense potential of streaming.

And the addition of “Meet The Press’s” daily newscast into NBC News. Now reinforces the platform’s reputation as the best place for streaming news. Said Noah Oppenheim President of NBC News, in a prepared statement. Todd has been taking advantage of digital possibilities for some time now as a news anchor, and even co-hosting newscasts regarding the recent midterm elections in NBC News’ streaming outlets.

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Chuk Todd his resignation from MSNBC is a sign that the channel is reducing its focus on live news programming. And promoting programs organized by observers, political analysts and pundits. MSNBC is set to launch this week a completely new program. Led by Simon Sanders, a former Democratic campaign adviser and press adviser to US Vice President Kamala Harris. MSNBC expects to start something similar with White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie, who announced her resignation on Thursday. She is expecting to start the show on MSNBC after a gap of several months.

The switch in venues in “Meet the Press Daily” is a sign of NBCUniversal’s increasing ambitions in streaming.

Todd is moving into NBC News Now after the collapse in CNN+, the subscription-video website that was abruptly shut down by the new company owner Warner Bros. Discovery within a matter of weeks following its debut. The main reason people chose CNN+ according to the company’s executives thought it was a variety of daily, live shows which they hoped to keep users coming back for frequent visits to the service. NBC News saw CNN+ as a direct competitor , and actively pushed it aside in advertising and marketing materials.

However, the majority of the live shows on NBC News. Now hosting with Tom Lamas and Haley Jackson are the newscasts that air regularly. Todd’s show continue to, for a number of years

Concentrate on the Political Scene as well as Washington Newsmakers

So, the second change that MSNBC has made to “Meet the Press Daily” in the space of two years. MSNBC in 2020 moved the show’s schedule to the afternoon from its usual time of four p.m. to allow for the expanding of Nicolle Wallace’s afternoon show that is which is now the mainstay on the channel. “Meet the Press Daily” was added to Andrea Mitchell’s noontime show to offer MSNBC viewers with a chunk of shows that focused on breaking news from Washington, DC, but it’s absence leaves Mitchell’s show as a kind of stand-alone show, which will be preceded and then followed by the more standard breaking news hours , with Jansing in the 1st hour at p.m. and whatever anchor MSNBC chooses to replace on a permanent basis in place of Craig Melvin at 11 a.m.

NBC News also intends to create the new title “Meet the Press Now” available as an audio “showcast”. As a further attempt to make the program more accessible to audiences on the web.

The NBC News NOW service is NBCUniversal’s no-cost, ad-supported news service

It provides straight-forward news coverage without the more progressive opinions and commentary that are feature on MSNBC particularly during prime time.

However, the change could contribute to the perception that MSNBC’s future is becoming an opinion and talk channel. The next big hire for the channel will be White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who will be leaving her job in President Biden’s Administration on the 13th of May.

However, NBC News executives say the move is more about getting its news content accessible on an unpaid platform. NBCU News Group Chairman Cesar Conde has declared that access to live current news stories is an essential free service that should be available to all users.

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