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Did Christine Selling Sunset From get fired?

June 8, 2022

Selling Sunset stars Christine Quinn is no longer working for The Oppenheim Group. Naturally, viewers are worried about her future in the Netflix show. In a recent interview Christine revealed the details of her departure from the brokerage. This is something she says producers knew about. She also details the staged firing on the finale of Season 5 of Selling Sunset.

Christine Quinn was once dismissed from the show “Selling Sunset” and then hired again.

in her memoir How to Be a Boss B ****, Christine states that she was fire in Netflix. Netflix series. “I once got fire (and then rehired) by the production company,” Christine writes (via Us Weekly). “I was pointing out in interviews all the things that were totally fake, from our dialogue to our relationships, to our actual listings.” Christine explains:

“Our clients did not want their homes convert into set. They were not interest in getting involve in the reality show which is reality TV. The producers would then provide us with listings, particularly the young girls. There was a lot of dirt to share and those gorgeous lips of mine weren’t going to hide anything. I didn’t sign an NDA! Of course, in the next season, everyone needed to sign one … in order to protect the magic curtain as well as the rest of that bulls ***.”

The show’s producers are believe to have aware of Christine Quinn’s resignation of The O Group

Christine says that the production was aware of her departure out of Brett as well as Jason’s broker, as reported on The Call Her Daddy podcast. “When we were filming season 5, my husband and I had been working on a company for a year-and-a-half called RealOpen,” she stated.

Christine added: “I told production going into it, ‘Listento me, I’m going to leave The Oppenheim Group … let’s come up with some new ideas for the stories. Let me discuss the brokerage I own. The editors completely cut the storyline because it’s not a good storyline.”

“Selling Sunset Season 5′ appears to suggest Christie Quinn was fire

Sell Sunset Season 5 is about Christine accusing a client of bribing her of Emma Hernan’s who refused to cooperate with Emma Hernan. Christine claimed that producers invented the account to make her a part of the Oppenheim Group in an entertaining manner.

“Insert fake bribery storyline , and suddenly”Aha! We’re finally rid of her departure on this note”” she stated. “[It] really irritated me.”

Christine stated that she was unaware of and “no idea” about the meeting between Jason and Marty Fitzgerald in the finale episode. “No one called me to tell me that was happening,” she said.

Christine Quinn’s broker Real Open

Christine advertised her brokerage RealOpen via Twitter on April 20, 2022. “We work with buyers, sellers, and agents,” she wrote. She also included an address the website. So “Don’t get left behind…”

The RealOpen website describes the brokerage by describing it as “a team of people passionate about pushing the boundaries of real estate and finance.” The site adds: “We are the bridge between the bright future of digital assets and anachronistic industries in need of disruption.”

Christine as well as her husband Christian Dumontet, run the company along with Jim Ricotta, Johnny Schiro, Julie K. O’Neill, David Rich, and Alan Rosca. It’s unclear whether RealOpen will appear in the upcoming season in the series Selling Sunset. Like she mentioned during Call Her Daddy, Christine believes they’ll engage in an “battle of the brokerages.”

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