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May 21, 2022

Marcy Wheeler, an independent journalist who writes about civil liberties and national security. She blogs under the name empty wheel on her blog named after her, and publishes on various outlets, including Motherboard and The New Republic, and Al Jazeera and has a regular appearance on radio and television. The author is Anatomy of Deceit, a introduction to how to handle the CIA leak inquiry, as well as live-blogged the trial of Scooter Libby.

Marcy is on the Advisory Committee for the House Fourth Amendment Caucus, is a senior Fellow at the GWU’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security and was name as an Internet Human Rights champion by AccessNow.

Marcy is blogging for a long time, starting in 2007. Her most well-known blog is her live blogging of the Scooter trial of Libby as well as her investigation. Into the amount of times Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboard as well as her reverse-engineering of surveillance data from the government years before it’s public.

Marcy holds a PhD degree in her home at the University of Michigan, where she studied”feuilleton,” a form of newspaper “feuilleton,” a short conversational newspaper format which has a major factor during times of increased restrictions on speech. Prior to and following her academic career, Marcy provided documentation consulting to companies in the automotive, tech and energy sectors. Marcy and her husband along with June Bug the Terrorist FosterEx Dog recently relocated to Ireland.


Bmaz is a surprisingly massive saguaro cactus find to locate in the Southwestern Sonoran Desert. A fan of the Constitution as well as family, law as well as sports, food and drinks. As you can imagine, sometimes a bit sensitive. Bmaz has to every state university in Arizona and has both masters and undergraduate degrees at Arizona State University and with significant post-graduate research (in organic chemistry and physics I’m sure you can figure it out) on both University of Colorado in Boulder and the University of Arizona.

Bmaz has an active user of the internet since the early 2000’s and was active in the prelude of Emptywheel, The Next Hurrah. Informally, he became a part of The Emptywheel blog as the first contributor when it was establish in 2007. Bmaz was raised in the world of the world of education, politics and sports, and the most important thing, cars. Especially in the area of Formula One racing and Concours of Elegance car restoration and display. The present home is within Cactus Patch, California. Cactus Patch along with his gorgeous wife and a beast of a dog. He practice both civil and criminal trial law.


Notre Dame Undergrad at Notre Dame (math) JD Indiana University at Bloomington 1st Lieutenant US Army. Private practice in the field of corporate and securities legal matters; Assistant AG in Tennessee for consumer security and security; Blue Sky Securities Commissioner, Tennessee; private practice in bankruptcy law as well as corporate law.

I’ve had a long-standing fascination with economics. For the majority of my life it was a practical interest that was focus on the challenges that were in front of me. In recent years, I’ve more interested in the theory of economics and its effect upon the daily lives those like the ones I met during my bankruptcy practice and on the political economy that surround money and banking across the US. I also like reading philosophers beginning in college, and constantly expanding my reading since. I wrote for FireDogLake for several years.

In general, I believe that the issue that is facing in the US is the dominant neoliberal mindset. I believe it obscures the view, and restricts the types of issues that can be identified and resolved. For instance, the reality and threat of climate change could easily be identified through an academic discussion. However, the issue is not compatible with the neoliberal framework because the scientific consensus is on the fact that pursuits of personal as well as corporate self-interest could result in destruction. In the neoliberal debate self-interest pursuit always will lead to Eden.

Neoliberalism is a project with two sides. The first is the role of police of securing opposition and opposing viewpoints. Police functions are provided by state agencies, institutions and private actors. The opposite is the economic system, that is managed by the institutions and private actors. A few of these actors work in both fields. I will focus on the second aspect.


A few years ago, Jim got a BA in Radiation Biophysics from the University of Kansas. Then, he earned an PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA and conducted postdoctoral research on yeast gene expression in UC Berkeley and mouse retroviruses at Stanford. Biosys was founded in Palo Alto, producing insect parasite nematodes to combat pests. In the mid 1990’s, he relocated into Gainesville, FL and founded an organization that later evolved into Entomos. He left the company when it was reorganized as Pasteuria Biosciences and chose not to create a new company due to a clash of values with venture capitalists who typically lack qualities.

After leaving, he decided to remain a stay-at-home home father and gentleman farmer, cook and horse handler. He came across the internet through a comment on Glenn Greenwald’s blog during the Salon days. He also participated in the flimsly successful Chris Dodd move to block the bill that would have renewed FISA. Jim then moved to blog on Firedoglake and was also a part-time time as the evening editor. Then, when the Emptywheel blog was taken off of Firedoglake to a separate blog, Jim tagged along and blogged about viruses, anthrax John Galt Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. He’s now a uninitiated blogger, looking for an alternative to the sad realisation that speaking out about the details of the government’s misdeeds and elite immunity will have no effect.


Ich am a Lutheran pastor who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and math in addition to an advanced masters degree and Ph.D. in the field of religion. As with Marcy and other members of Emptywheel I have many years of experience in the study of a variety of documents, be it religious texts as well as political opinions, legal opinions or government rules.

A few years ago, before it was consider a unclean word, I work as working as an intern for the State Department. My path in the field of career advancement led me to the ministry, not being in the Foreign Service, I continue to interest in the details of international issues. For a number of years, I also blogged on Firedoglake on politics and religion as well as foreign affairs and anything other topic that has caught my interest and I am excited to be back blogging at EmptyWheel.


Quinn Norton is a writer who enjoys hanging out in the secluded alleys and rough neighborhoods of the Internet in which bad things can happen to innocent tiny packets. Quinn Norton writes on hackers, human technology, bodies and the internet.

“Useless in terms of… tactical details” – Stratfor


Blog since the year 2002. activist in politics since 2003, and a geek since the time of my birth. Thoughts shaped by multi-ethnic, mixed-race, trans-gender condition. Further formed by good acquaintances of all varieties. Sci-tech-loving skeptic and wannabe artist. Good cook, determined writer and an effective troublemaker. Mother of two exceptionally smart young adult children. I attended the School of Hard Knocks;

A rather unfortunate small-sized private business School in the Midwest; Affordable Mid-State Community College with evening classes. Self-employed at a Tiny Consulting Business; previously employed at a Large-ish Chemical Company with HQ in Midwest with various job-roles. That marginalized corporate drones and also working at Rather Big IT Service Provider as a project manager followed by a variety of gigs prior to when the gig economy became something that was actually happening. Blogging experience includes a personal blog at the original blogs.salon.com, managing editor for a state-based news site, and a stint at Firedoglake before landing here at emptywheel as technology’s less-virginal-but-still-accursed Cassandra. EmptyWheel.

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