Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield From Stranger Things

April 11, 2023

As Max Mayfield joined Stranger Things for season two, she quickly rose to be a major character and one of its main protagonists alongside Eleven, Lucas, and Dustin Henderson. She became the emotional center of the season, trying to cope with her stepbrother Billy’s passing. Now, as part of Season Four’s opening episode, she’s getting some much-needed recognition.

Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield is one of the beloved characters from the beloved Netflix series Stranger Things. She’s a troubled teenager struggling to cope with the events that transpired in Hawkins, as well as dealing with numerous mental health issues which make it difficult for her to communicate effectively with friends or her school counselor.

Max Mayfield is a typical teenage girl, struggling to cope with her grief and guilt. She tries to rationalize these emotions away, fearing that others won’t understand or share them with her. When Max confides in Ms. Kelly, her guidance counselor, Max feels overwhelmed with emotion but still tries to rationalize things away – eventually reaching for pills instead of talking about them directly.

However, she becomes more open with her friends once she realizes there is a threat from the Upside Down returning. When she asks Steve Buckley for help in tracking down Eddie, she gives him a letter as proof that she still regards him as a friend.

Max Mayfield feels little to no affinity for her stepfather Neil Hargrove, as he doesn’t share her opinion and hasn’t visited in years. Nonetheless, she feels an intense resentment towards him for moving her to Hawkins.

At first, she wasn’t sure what to make of Hawkins or its people. Even at school, she struggled with adjusting as it felt too cold and lonely. Over time though, her circle of friends became closer and closeted around Lucas Sinclair; eventually becoming close friends with both.

After her brother Billy was tragically taken away by Vecna, she fell into deep depression and distanced herself from her friends. She began believing that she would soon pass away, writing goodbye letters to those closest to her heart. Additionally, she lost interest in activities she once enjoyed such as video games and music.

Once she met Eleven, she became more open with her and formed a friendship with her. Additionally, she took an interest in Lucas which eventually lead to an intense romantic relationship.

Lucas Sinclair

Max Mayfield is the star of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things and her relationship with Lucas Sinclair plays an integral role in the show. She’s a bright, spunky young woman who quickly gained fan devotion. Additionally, her presence added new storylines and created an entirely new dynamic for the cast members – giving the show new energy overall.

Max’s story is one of heartbreak, but she has shown remarkable growth throughout the seasons. She experienced both highs and lows throughout this journey, including a traumatic encounter with Vecna and the loss of her stepbrother Billy.

Her journey with the gang will forever shape her as a person and how she views the world around her. After witnessing firsthand how the Mind Flayer has taken control of Hawkins, she’s become determined to protect her friends from it.

In Season 4 of Stranger Things, Max is faced with the decision of whether to stay and die or return home to her happy place. As her friends help her escape, Max begins recalling happy memories of being with Lucas at the Snow Ball dance.

She often considers her mother’s relationship with Eleven, and whether they would still be together if she were born later. Despite her trauma, Eleven strives to do what is right for herself and those close to her – including making sure everyone else feels loved and accepted.

Season 2 of Stranger Things follows Max as she forms bonds with her friends and aids Eleven in her battle against the Mind Flayer’s control over town. Additionally, Max helps locate Will Byers after he goes missing, and Lucas and Dustin Henderson become close as Max stands up for them against bullies.

Eventually, she and Lucas begin dating. They attend the Snow Ball together, sharing a kiss between them. Although she has an intense crush on Lucas, he never seems to return her feelings.

She plays a pivotal role in the show’s climaxes, especially the Season 4 finale when she sacrifices herself to save her friends and the town she loves. Over its four seasons, it’s amazing to watch her transform from an aloof child to an intelligent woman at the end of Season 4. She truly stands out and deserves recognition for her remarkable contribution to its success – truly deserving recognition!

Dustin Henderson

Max Stranger Things is a sweet tomboy who also happens to be Billy’s younger stepsister. Her loyalty and devotion for her friends is evident, as she rescues Steve from a Bully and takes a sedative for him in the Party before using her sisterly instincts when her brother suffers a heart attack. She truly lives up to her name by standing by him at all times.

After, she plays a crucial role in the series’ main plot line. She strives to assist Lucas find a way back into the Upside Down to save Max’s life, making her one of the most beloved characters throughout all of its seasons.

Max is only a tween, yet her acting skills are on par with those of adults and her character’s humor is always spot-on. She’s an outgoing teenager who enjoys spending time with her friends; yet she doesn’t hesitate to express herself when necessary. Overall, Max is an all-around great kid!

Her relationship with Dustin is somewhat strain, yet she still considers him her friend. She has a crush on him and they often discuss The Upside Down together; however, their bond never grows beyond that of platonic friendship.

But there’s something special about Dustin that makes her like him even more. He seems like an awesome guy and he fits right in with the rest of the group, which makes her even fonder of him.

Another thing that sets him apart is his talent for the camera. His unique facial structure gives him a look very different than his real-life counterparts, which allows him to convey an array of emotions through expression.

He exudes charisma and can be quite humorous. Making him the ideal choice for the role of Dustin on Stranger Things. Additionally, his strong social media presence is well-established with 1.7 million followers on TikTok alone.

Gaten Matarazzo is a young actor best known for his portrayal of Dustin Henderson on Stranger Things. He also has roles in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Les Miserables on Broadway.

Henderson is an incredibly talented football player with the potential to be a top cornerback at the next level. He was highly-rated coming out of Florida and earned himself a first-team All-SEC selection last season. But he needs more-work to develop his skills to match Vance Joseph’s defense which emphasizes pressuring quarterbacks with aggressive coverage. But Henderson already possesses all the necessary elements for success at this position. Making him an excellent pick for the Arizona Cardinals.

Will Byers

Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp, is a quiet and introverted kid who has always felt like an outsider. He lacks Dustin’s charisma or Lucas’ quick wit. He certainly can’t flip a van with his mind like Eleven or Mike can.

Will has spent much of the series dealing with his emotional trauma. Such as being the victim of abuse from his father and getting stuck in the Upside Down. He also formed an attachment to the Mind Flayer. Which ultimately proved manipulative; however, Will eventually managed to free himself from its control.

Will’s character arc isn’t the most memorable in the series. But it does provide him with an intense sense of growth and development. After escaping the Upside Down, Will struggles to return to normal life. He struggles to focus on school or pursue a relationship.

Will, who struggles with his mental health issues, turns to his mother Joyce for support. She helps him draw out his dark thoughts onto paper and encourages him to express himself creatively in other ways. Joyce is an excellent listener who helps Will find a voice. Even when he feels too afraid or ashamed to do so.

Though Will doesn’t possess the emotional depth of Eleven or Lucas, he remains an integral part of the show. Unfortunately, his reluctance to open up in regard to his relationship with Mike proves particularly frustrating.

Will has often gone underappreciated, so it’s great to see him being featured more prominently in the series. His friendship with Mike serves as a prime example of how TV-shows can showcase LGBT characters positively without needing romantic-drama.

It’s an impressive step forward for the representation of LGBT characters on television. It’s heartwarming to watch Will and Mike remain together despite Eleven’s feelings for him.

Will’s storyline arc was one of the highlights of Stranger Things season 4. His endearing relationship with Mike and ability to help him. Through his mental trauma make his character one of the most likeable and captivating in the series.

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