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Mollie Hemingway drops Adam Schiff after Elon Musk’s twitter deal triggers him

May 20, 2022

Mollie Hemingway twitter (Federalist Editor-in-Chief) has Congressman Adam Schiff, DCA. On Tuesday, the chef tweeted his thoughts. Twitter deal caused him to wonder after Elon Musk’s. If the billionaire entrepreneur would be able to stop the spread of misinformation.

He said, “Here’s mine on the world’s wealthiest man buying Twitter: He makes great cars and rockets. However, I worry that his personal views could stop the fight against social media disinformation. Twitter’s problem isn’t too much content moderation, it’s too many hateful comments.

Mollie Hemingway twitter reacted with a jab at Schiff. He mentioned his repeated insistence on the fact that former President Donald Trump had conspired. With Russia to rig 2016’s presidential election against former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton.

“Remember when disinformation was deliberately and maliciously propagated for YEARS. Falsely claiming that you had evidence of Trump colluding to steal the 2016 elections?” she inquired.

“Those who support the censorship and suppression of political opponents are the greatest threat to our country.” Hemingway later tweeted that the new propaganda use of ‘disinformation to support totalitarian think control is frightening.

Carmine Sabia agreed to Hemingway and said, “And if anybody knows disinformation, it’s this man, who claimed that he had smoking gun evidence that Donald Trump was colluding in Russia.” He never produced the evidence and the media never asked him about it.”

Sean Parnell, a former Army Ranger veteran, stated that “Few Americans have been a greater source for disinformation than this man” and called on Republicans to hold him responsible when they take control of the House in November.

Donald Trump Jr. also joined the conversation, saying that “No one in Congress has spread more misinformation than this guy.” But, because he is a leftist, there are no consequences. What happened to all the Russia Collusion information he claimed he’saw with his own eye’? Or the altered emails such as mine and @Jim_Jordan? America is still waiting.”

“Adam Schiff worrying about disinformation is like Godzilla worrying about Tokyo’s skyline,” Eddie Zipperer joked.

In early 2019, Schiff stated to CNN that there was ample evidence of collusion. Even though there wasn’t “proof beyond reasonable doubt” that there had been a crime.

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