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Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas For 2022

July 22, 2022

There is nothing better than seeing the outline of your home and gardens illuminated during night-time. The beauty and magic created by outdoor lighting is like no other. When done well, outdoor lighting is a place of mystery and charm. But remember that you want to captivate rather than dazzle your guests. Too much light and your surrounding view is lost. Too little and everything disappears.

To create the ideal atmosphere, you need to plan your lighting well. This is where AGM Electrical Supplies comes in. We will bring warmth and depth to your outdoor lighting design by accentuating your landscape. Read on for our outline on wall lighting trends that will see you entertaining from dusk until dawn.

Landscape Lighting

You might be overwhelmed by designing the overall LED lighting plan for your landscape because there are so many different options and lights available to you. Get on the right track with the AGM Electrical Supplies’ team of professionals who can help you enhance that textured brick wall or fountain.

Any lighting technician will tell you that light is just as much about the shade and shadow as it is about illumination. With so many choices available to you, AGM Electrical Supplies will point you in the right direction when it comes to what lights are suitable for your landscape and where to place them.


Spotlights are perfect if you want to highlight architectural features and landscapes. Just try not to throw too much in the one spot as this will increase the darkness in other areas. Opt for LED cube wall lights in the corners of the areas you would like to illuminate.

If your garden is long and rectangular, break up the long stretch by pointing the lights up to highlight trees, plants and decorative features. If you have garden beds that you would like to accentuate, point the LED cube wall light downwards. Spotlights are also perfect for potential hazard areas such as the poolside. Keep an eye out on the surrounding areas though as these may seem darker. You can overcome this by installing Piccolo down lights in these areas’ corners.

Blending Lights

Do you have an outdoor entertaining area? Add ambient light by attaching lights to a nearby wall. The LED up and down light is ideal if you want to introduce an ambient vibe with a low level light wash across the ground. It will softly highlight your guests, so you know who you are talking to.

Door Frame Lighting

Accentuate your curb appeal by placing wall lights on either side of your front door. Our LED wall light delivers energy-efficient lighting and creates a gentle glow across your front door. If you prefer overhead lighting, install a down wall light right above the porch area.

Front Porch Lighting

Take a more stylish approach on your porch light and, consider attaching a circular wall light near your front door. Not only will it enhance the style of your front entrance, but it will deliver illumination for you and your guests’ safety. All of our lights are wet and damp rated fixtures for different types of weather conditions.

Illuminate The Windows

Enhance your windows by adding symmetry and intrigue with wall lights between them. If you want to improve the style of your home and curb appeal, light up your architectural design with outdoor wall lights. Consider different ways to add contrast. The circular wall light is perfect for illuminating large rectangular windows.

Secret Garden Lighting

Install outdoor wall lights around the perimeter of your backyard to create your own mystifying garden with a warm, soft glow. Down lights will help prevent nasty glares while illuminating the path for safety.

Statement Lighting

Do you have a large ornament or modern art sculpture? Fix a light to the exterior wall to concentrate on the ornament and create a lasting impression while delivering ambient lighting. The LED pivot light is an excellent choice for the job.

Fire Lighting

Add to the warmth of your fire table by installing wall lights nearby. Choose lights that throw light downwards to illuminate walkways. If you have a barbecue, consider our outdoor barbecue light which is ideal when you want to cook on the barbecue.

Safety Lighting

Wall lights will add intrigue to your entry and walkway. Our LED up and down light throws a splash of light down the wall giving it the wash effect. It not only creates light for safety purposes but creates a charming decorative impact.

Fusion Of Lights

If you have an outdoor entertaining area, consider adding ambient light to this space by attaching lights to outdoor walls. The LED up and down light is ideal if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere with a soft low level light wash across the ground while it throws out enough light for you to see your guests.

Lighting For Entertainment Area

Lastly, outdoor wall lighting is as important as trendy, comfortable seating. Modern patio lights will alter the way you put your outdoor entertaining area to use and make a great impression on your guests. It will quickly become your favourite lounging spot. You might just find yourself fighting off the rest of the family for the patio!

What To Look For in A Lighting Company

You want to make sure you install outdoor lighting only once. So, when you are looking for a reputable lighting company, there are elements to look out for. For example, the company should provide a warranty on its products. This gives you trust in the quality of work and protects your investment if anything goes wrong.

We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. AGM Electrical Supplies has exceptional designers who are artistic and highly skilled. They will achieve your desired effect and outstanding visual appeal. We work with you to transform your garden and backyard into your dream outdoor living space.

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