Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian Are Reportedly Discussing Moving In Together

June 8, 2022

Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian and seven months of marriage is becoming very serious, according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly. The couple are discussing living together.

“Their relationship continues to grow,” the source claimed. “They’re confident in their relationship and are discussing about the future and plans to move in together. They’re looking forward to a trip together this summer , and spending some time to themselves. He’s trying to make her happy . He is compensating for not being able attend the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian.” (Davidson was forced to work over the day during Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding.)

Davidson and Kardashian are set to split because of work commitments and work commitments, so Davidson will be trying his best to maximize their time until they split, according to the source: “Pete was sad to depart from SNL but sees the time as a chance to start afresh. He’s currently in London to work [Kardashian in particular was spotted with him in Londonin London], and will travel to Australia in the next few months to play Wizards! He’s really keen to be with Kim as often as he can prior to his departure.”

Us’s latest update comes as Kardashian has revealed on The Kardashians the way she and Davidson began to date. It started as a affair that turned into something more.

She gushed of Davidson when she made a confessionalinterview “Pete has got to be literally the best human being I’ve ever met,” she claimed, in Entertainment Tonight. “The greatest heart. Everyone always says, “He’s hilarious, and that has to be due to the way he’s funny. It’s like number four of reasons I love him. He is always looking for to do the best for his people can take on anything, always doing it with grace. Pete is truly sincere, humble and honest. I’d say that the best term to define Pete is”sincere.”

Kardashian stated that she kept the relationship private in order to make sure. That the relationship would last for the first time. “Honestly I want to make sure that it was going to last and not just say”Oh my God I’ve just had a relationship with someone and am having fun’, and then, you know, begin to talk about the experience on a talk show and then if we didn’t start talking about it for months later, I’d be an idiot . Or a complete jerk. Whichever one you choose.”

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