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Ted Kenedy John McCain US Immigration Reformer dies at the age of 81 age

May 19, 2022

Ted Kenedy John McCain US Immigration Reformer dies at the age of 81 age

Senator John McCain, a five-time U.S. Senate and Vietnam War hero, died on August 25, 2018, of brain cancer. He was sick for more than a full year.

Donald Trump had claimed that John McCain was not a war hero

Prior to that, Donald Trump had said at an event for his campaign held in Iowa in June of 2015 that John McCain wasn’t an American war hero.

“He’s a hero of war because the war was won,” Mr Trump said. “I prefer people who weren’t caught.”

In contrast, In contrast, President Donald Trump received five military deferments that excused him from serving in Vietnam in the 1960s. The main reasons for not avoiding from the Vietnam draft were academic as well as one to treat osteoporosis (calcium accumulation in heels).

In the past John McCain had an opponent to Trump, and it was his final vote on July 27, 2017 which kept Obamacare from being repealed. Obamacare.

The year was John McCain read from his book on US Immigration Reform

John McCain had collaborated with Senator Ted Kenedy on immigration reform. Ted Kennedy had also died from a brain tumor one year ago.

John McCain read from his book “The Restless Wave”: Great Times Good Times, Just Causes Excellent Fights and Other Thanks.”

McCain as well as Co-author Mark Salter had the following to add

“We have failed twice before, and again after Ted passed away. despite huge majority votes within both chambers of Congress for it. , “…. “I’d like to say that I’ll attempt again. But it’s not in my hands any longer. It’s more disappointing than the other losses I’ve suffered because it’s something that the majority of Americans are looking forward to, and the majority of members of Congress recognize that it’s the right thing to do.

“But more importantly. Because this is something our country has to take on now at this moment of political. Uncertainty in which the old resentments and ill-will which have marred. Our history are back in the spotlight as well as exploited by opportunists. That aren’t going to bother their careers, or their consciences with a tinny remark. About their honesty or concern for fellow human beings,” he adds.

John McCain controversial running mate in 2008 Sarah Palin

The Guardian newspaper has recently said that it was at least in part to Ted Kenedy John McCain that Trump became the President. They said that by choosing Sarah Palin as his running partner for the Presidential elections of 2008, Trump had somehow made ultra right-wing populism more acceptable.

“I don’t think he could have known it at the time. But he took a disease that was running through the Republican party. Anti-intellectualism, disrespect for facts. And he put it right at the centre of the party,”

There was a suggestion it was possible that John McCain should have picked Joe Lieberman as his running partner:

Jeff Flake, McCain’s Republican friend from Arizona Jeff Flake. McCain’s Arizona Republican colleague. Told The Guardian: “He regrets not following his gut instincts on this decision, which would have been Lieberman. I’m not sure if it had had a significant impact in the last election, however there is no doubt that the Palinisation of politics began there. It’s not been the best option for this Republican Party, I’ll admit however I don’t believe that he knew. She was more a sign of the problem more than any other thing.”

Donald Trump not invited to funeral

McCain was clear that he didn’t wish for Trump to attend his funeral. The same was true during his final day on Saturday , surrounded by his family.

If George W. Bush had been a Republican, he would have sued Republican presidential candidates. He was elected a Republican candidate in the United States. Also, Barack Obama, who won the presidency by defeating McCain in 2008, will address the funeral. The funeral will take place in the United States Naval Academy in Maryland.

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