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The Viral CPAC Singer’s Takes on Racism Are Worse Than Her CPAC National Anthem

May 19, 2022

The Viral CPAC Singer’s Takes on Racism Are Worse Than Her CPAC National Anthem

CPAC National Anthem? A decade ago, New York City entrepreneur Richard Mgrdechian published. An Craigslist advertisement looking for musicians to join the band was trying to piece together. What resulted was Madison Rising, an aggressively patriotic group whose music could be described as a bit similar to Creed were they really interested in the Constitution. They achieved moderate success with their alternative rock rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” that they played prior to NASCAR rallies and motorcycle races and even composed the theme tune for Sarah Palin’s reality show.

The lead singer of Madison Rising Dave Bray left the band in the year 2016. However, Dave Bray remains in the U.S.A. He’s made dozens of appearances at events like the virtual Border Patrol tributes. Pro-life golf tournaments, as well as an regular Thin Blue Line Ball. The last time he sang, he did his rendition of the National Anthem at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and that could be the reason Bray is among the few who’s willing to defend the performance of this year’s winner.

It’s not surprising that the internet exploded with humor and adulation, saying it was an “unexpectedly avant-garde tribute to Frank Zappa” and saying that it was performed “in the key of Q.” The Daily Mail went with “The Star Mangled Banner” and the conservative site Red State called it “sung straight up…no ‘artistic interpretation.'” (They are right in claiming that it was not art.)

The Star Spangled Banner

In his page on Facebook, Bray said the following “The Star Spangled Banner” is one of the most difficult songs to sing. But at least she tried to give it a shot. “This girl had the guts to grab a microphone, walk out onto a major stage and sing the National Anthem all by herself. That alone is no small feat,” Bray wrote. “There’s only a handful of super famous ‘singers’ that would even DARE to step up and sing it live or on TV for those very reasons! So…Before any more of you social media hyenas jump in on bulling [sic] this young lady for your ‘LOL’s’ and your ‘LIKES ‘…please take a moment to recognize that this young lady had more courage than most for even getting up there.”

One of the bigger questions is why Sabol was on that weird probably-not-Nazi-shaped stage in the first place. Sabol is a Florida native isn’t the most famous performer, but that’s uncommon for CPAC National Anthem. The past anthem performances have included a young guitarist as well as one of the less popular ex- Pussycat Dolls.

However, Sabol does appear to be able to satisfy some of the CPAC criteria. She’s a registered Republican and an active participant in UCF’s College Republicans. And is not afraid to share her controversial views about diversity and inclusivity. (VICE has tried to contact CPAC as well as its organizer, and its governing body, the American Conservative Union, and the UCF GOP, but as at this time we haven’t received an answer from one among them.)

In a YouTube clip titled “Destroying Splash Mountain = Destroying America (a rant)”. Sabol takes 20 minutes arguing the Walt Disney World’s decision. Alter the theme of its Splash Mountain log flume could be a metaphor. To America or some other country, or whatever.

“The most disgusting decision, and I’m only being partially sarcastic. They’re redoing Splash Mountain,” she is sitting under the narwhal’s plush. “I got really triggered about this yesterday. It really shows that nothing is safe. It’s symbolic of America as a whole.”

This summer, Disney announced that it will be completely reimagining. The Splash Mountain theme parks at Disneyland. In addition to Walt Disney World, shifting the focus away from all reference towards Song of the South. The controversial 1946 film an ex- Disney CEO described in a diplomatic manner as “fairly offensive.” These new rides will include people from The Princess and the Frog as well as the princess Tiana who was the first Disney Black princess.

“America was not founded on racism, it was founded around, with racism, that’s how I say, not on racism, with racism,” I assert that since racism was never mentioned in terms within the Constitution,” Sabol continues. “Just like how Disney banned Song of the South from being released on DVD because they recognized over time that they’ve grown past it, that they no longer support it, America had a Civil War where many people died to free people. America had Civil Rights movements. America today, it’s like the worst accusation you can have for somebody is saying that they’re racist.”

Although Splash Mountain was in reality an homage to the most racist film ever kept inside the Disney Vault. Sabol argues that the idea behind the attraction was “good”. That have challenged and criticized by our current society.

“Like Splash Mountain, even though they got rid of Song of the South. Even though they said ‘You know what, we don’t support the ideas of Song of the South. But the ride is still fundamentally good,’ that’s not good enough,” she protests.

“We have to redo Splash Mountain, than We have to start all over. Also we have to start all over with America, we have to change our history. We have to change our statues, we need to change everything. Need to change all the road signs. But We don’t. This is ridiculous. It’s too far, it’s too revisionary. Fundamentally we are good [sic] country. We have problems, but not as many as many countries are today. We have to found with problems, but we are very good today. And many other countries today? Awful. Absolutely awful.”

In the first part the film, Sabol warns that she “can’t be quiet anymore.” Should she continue to post material like this, it’s possible that she’ll return to CPAC  National Anthem next year, but that this year, she’ll present a lecture.

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