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Where to find the new Warzone Season 6 shelters

September 12, 2022

The WW2-style plunder caves are here to spark our interest for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Searching for the Warzone shelters bunker codes and their areas? While Verdansk has a long history with shelters, we never again approach the first Verdansk map or its plunder filled fortifications, because of the nuke occasion that introduced the Cold War time. In any case, as the arrival of Call of Duty: Vanguard moves nearer — and with the appearance of Season 6 — we have new World War 2-themed dugouts to investigate.

We actually need to find which of the old shelters — if any — have continued, yet you can check further down for every one of the codes for the first Verdansk map, for good measure. For the new Warzone Season 6 shelters, read on.

Disaster area Season 6 shelters

In fact, Three new World War 2-time shelters have showed up in Verdansk with the send off of Season 6. You don’t require unique codes to get to them this time around, and they don’t seem to offer a lot of in the method of remunerations, beside a few genuinely normal things and supply boxes.
Here is a rundown of the dugout areas, or you can really look at the guide underneath:

Only northwest of Radar Array

North of the Airport Maintenance region

North of the storehouses inside the Boneyard
Each shelter seems to have two passageways. One of these is via a red steel trailer found at every area — which supportively makes them simple to recognize bunker codes. You ought to track down links to append your climbing gadget inside, permitting you to drop yourself down from the surface. The subsequent entry is through one of the crevices that have opened up across Verdansk.

All Warzone dugout codes: Every area and mix

We may never again approach the fortifications from 2020, yet from here is the old data, in the event they return.

The Warzone fortification codes are:

Jail – 72948531
Farmland – 49285163
South Junkyard – 97264138
North Junkyard – 87624851
Park (nuke) – 60274513
Channel – 27495810
As a feature of the Call of Duty: Cold War uncover, fortifications were added that necessary codes, as opposed to a Red Access Card. In the event that you’re after the first dugouts that don’t need a code, look down to the segment further down this page. If not, investigate the video above to see these more current fortification areas, or look at the guide beneath. You can definitely relax, dissimilar to the arena fortification, these Warzone dugout codes are completely fixed.

Disaster area fortifications: The first areas bunker codes

The following is a rundown of each and every unique Warzone fortification area. Assuming you’re searching for the fresher shelters which require Warzone codes to get to, look back up this page to the part above.

You can likewise investigate the guide above assuming you want a visual reference — however know that a few areas are near one another so the markers on the guide might be somewhat off. Assuming you’re uncertain, the depictions underneath ought to make things more clear.

Step by step instructions to get inside Warzone shelter 11
Fortification 11 works uniquely in contrast to different shelters you’ll find in Warzone. It’s situated toward the northwest of the Military Base and you needn’t bother with a keycard to get to it. There’s a considerable amount of work required to get the plunder inside and you’ll have to find various telephones and figure out how to decipher Russian — however taking a gander at the reference underneath may be the more straightforward other option.

It’s not only an instance of tracking down any old telephone. You’ll have to find a telephone playing a message in Russian — any of the telephones set apart by blue symbols on the guide above is possibly the right one. Whenever you’ve tracked down it and stood by listening to the message, the rundown beneath will assist you with interpreting the Russian numbers. Whenever you’ve noted them down, you can go on with the following stage.

Disaster area Airport shelter area

Finally, The air terminal shelter was added with the send off of Cold War Season 1 and you won’t require a code to get inside. You want to find the break in the runway at Verdansk Airport and bounce inside. You ought to find a passage that prompts an unwanted Soviet fortification, full to the edge with supply cases. The video above, from Reddit client Mundoschristmas(opens in new tab), shows the specific area of bunker codes.

The main pressing concern with this shelter is its exceptionally open area. There’s a ton of plunder reserved there which is difficult for players to overlook, so anticipate a great deal of contest on the off chance that you’re setting out toward the runway looking for those prizes of bunker codes.

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